What is Klout? And Why You Shouldn’t Care About It!


Klout is a social grading platform that takes in what you do on your social media sites and gives you a score. This score is graded out of 100 and ranks you by not only what your score is, but tells you what you’re social in. For example, I am influential in Technology, Seattle, and Facebook. For some, what their influences in aren’t exactly what they are influential in. Overall the Klout score is messed up and even after numerous updates it’s not right.

Let’s start off with your score, we’re all obsessed with numbers and your Klout score isn’t that different. Although you’re given a number it’s all messed up. For example a president can have a higher Klout score that someone who is active all day on social media. The algorithm can’t decipher someone who’s active on social media and someone who just might be popular because they’re a celebrity.

Overall Klout has some ups and downs including Klout Perks that give you free stuff, but even that is corrupt when it comes to determining what you get from the Klout Perks area. Even though Klout is good for things, they need to work on their codes to rank better.