WordPress Releases 3.3 "Sonny"

WordPress Releases 3.3 "Sonny"

WordPress today released the latest revision to the very popular software. Its latest release is version 3.3 codenamed Sonny. It brings a lot of major improvements including a redesigned floating admin bar and drag-and-drop uploading.

WordPress is the leading blogging software used by a majority of the biggest blogs out there. From personal sites to leading news sites like us here at LogicLounge, WordPress is a very powerful and highly customizable to the user. WordPress is completely open source to let developers go crazy with the platform from custom themes to plugins in the backend.

For users, WordPress has implemented a new drag-and-drop interface for uploading media including pictures and videos. It saves times for bloggers by eliminating the multiple clicks and browsing it takes to find the media that needs to be embedded in the post. Along with the new drag-and-drop interface, WordPress has given the admin toolbar a make over with hover tools and streamline to make it more useful for navigating. When first updating to 3.3 you’ll be guided through a simple tutorial to find out about the newest features of this latest WordPress build.

WordPress has also been very nice to developers by adding new API editor elements and jQuery. WordPress has always been very nice to developers in the way that they open up their API and allow developers to freely change and develop the WordPress platform. Everything of course is available in the WordPress Codex for developers to comb over and learn about all the new features.

We’ve always supported WordPress and the powerful platform that powers our website. WordPress 3.3 is a great step for the blogging service and is possibly the best blogging platform out there.