WordPress Releases Next Major Update - WordPress 3.5

WordPress Releases Next Major Update - WordPress 3.5

Those who are involved in any form of online blogging are likely familiar with the WordPress interface. WordPress has been an increasingly popular CMS and is the software that LogicLounge currently runs on. WordPress is always being updated with security, interface, and functionality improvements. In fact, the developers of WordPress released version 3.5 today which consists of a new media manager, new default theme, and admin panel improvements.

WordPress’ new media manager features a new method for creating galleries. Users now have the ability to drag-and-drop images for far easier reordering. Hold the Ctrl or Shift key down now allows the user to select multiple images at one time. Personally, I have been waiting for this feature for quite a while and am very pleased to finally see my wish become a reality.

For basic WordPress users, WordPress 3.5 includes an updated default theme known as Twenty Twelve. This theme utilizes many new theme features such as custom headers, automatic feed links, and many more. One very important feature inside of the Twenty Twelve theme is the mobile ready design. Due to the fact that the default WordPress theme is the most popular theme, I’m sure many travelers who find themselves browsing the web on their phone will appreciate this feature.

Perhaps the most important change in this version of WordPress is the high DPI admin panel. Bloggers with the new Retina Macbook Pro can now enjoy sharp graphics and a high level of detail while working on their next post.

Of course, there are many more, less significant changes to the WordPress platform. If you wish to check out the complete change log for WordPress 3.5, head over to WordPress.org or click this link.

Have you upgraded to the new version of WordPress? What are your thoughts? Let us know by posting a comment below!