YouTube Skippable Ads

Starting release today YouTube is giving users a choice when it comes to pre-roll video ads. Their new TrueView ad format is officially launched.

YouTube Skippable Ads features a little countdown bubble counting down the time to just skip the ad after 5 seconds instead of watching through it. In some cases as well the new ad lets you pick an ad that might be relevant to you.

Google has been experimenting with the YouTube Skippable ads button, allowing users to stop ads from playing, a couple of moths ago. Surprisingly they are allowing users to select which ad to watch, which is similar to Hulu.

The new TrueView platform is seemingly a very cost-effective option for advertisers on a budget to get right to their target audience.

TrueView, which is presently only available to advertisers with managed accounts. Current advertisers can decide whether they’d like to use TrueView or stick with the usual non-skippable platform.