Adobe Won't Support Flash For Android 4.1

Adobe Won't Support Flash For Android 4.1

Although Google announced the update to the Android operating system to Jelly Bean at Google I/O, you will not get flash on the device. During the month of November 2011, Adobe announced that they are discontinuing their development of the Flash application an Android to focus their work on Adobe Flash on the PC and Adobe Air, and now Adobe has drawn the line. Adobe has said on their website that no devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will never get Adobe Flash. Adobe explained the process on their website




The Flash Player browser plugin integrates tightly with a device’s browser and multimedia subsystems (in ways that typical apps do not), and this necessitates integration by our device ecosystem partners. To ensure that the Flash Player provides the best possible experience for users, our partner program requires certification of each Flash Player implementation. Certification includes extensive testing to ensure web content works as expected, and that the Flash Player provides a good user experience. Certified devices typically include the Flash Player pre-loaded at the factory or as part of a system update. Devices that don’t have the Flash Player provided by the manufacturer typically are uncertified, meaning the manufacturer has not completed the certification testing requirements. In many cases users of uncertified devices have been able to download the Flash Player from the Google Play Store, and in most cases it worked

Adobe said that they have “[dis]continued developing and testing Flash Player for this new version of Android and its available browser options” and said that there will be no certified implementations of Flash Player for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Additionally Adobe said that starting August 15, they will limit continued access to their Flash Player in the Google Play Store to only provide updates to apps who have already download and installed the Flash Application, which means that new installations will not be permitted from the Google Play Store. Adobe has also commented that the easiest way to have ongoing access to Flash Player is to be compatible with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is to have Flash Player is either pre-installed by the manufacturer or installed from Google Play. Adobe has also recommended uninstalling the application if their device is updating from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to 4.1 Jelly Bean as it may “exhibit unpredictable behavior, as it is not certified for use with Android 4.1”.

Although Adobe is halting support and limiting the download and installations from the Google Play store, Adobe said that users can still download archived versions of the Flash application from their website, the only downside is that they will not get the update through the Google Play Store.