Apple’s 500,000 iOS Apps Visualized [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apple reached another huge milestone in their quest along the mobile path. The iPhone and iOS platform set the standard for what we are used to in a mobile operating system. Recently, Apple approved its half millionth app for the mobile platform.

Although, you can’t download all 500,000 apps in the store because some have been pulled or rendered obsolete. The official number of apps available in the store is considerably lower, but there is still a good amount of apps in the store.

To recognize this occasion, the big three companies in the iOS world Chillingo, Chomp, and 148apps have created an infographic to show off some of the most interesting figures along the way to 500,000 apps. According to their data, there are 85,569 unique iOS developers, with the most popular app being Angry Birds. Some other surprising statistics include 37% of iOS apps being free and 29% costing only $0.99

The numbers are mind-blowing, considering that the App Store launched only three years ago. Starting with only 500 apps in July 2008, the mobile app world around iOS has exploded.

Click on the image below to view a larger version: