Facebook Places Opens To UK

One of the popular location programs on the web, Facebook Places, just announced that it is launching in the UK, one month after they launched in the US.

UK users are gaining features from Facebook, slowly but surely, this meaning that it might not be released for everyone right away but it will come eventually. For those located in the UK to get the new features, tap on the Facebook Places option on your Facebook iPhone app or go to the Facebook Mobile site touch.facebook.com.

For those of you unfamiliar with Facebook Places, it is basically like foursquare; by using your geo-location it can check you in to real-world places through your Facebook account.

Over many privacy concerns that come out of Facebook Places, Facebook would like to stress that you have FULL privacy control on who sees your checkins. Being nice enough for you, Facebook has set the default checkin visibility to Friends Only. Going one step further if you are a minor then your status will ONLY be posted to friends and you have the ability to delete your checkins at anytime.

At this time it is only available in the UK and is reported to be coming to other European countries too very soon.