Ford Takes On Texting While Driving

Ford Motor Company has released some upcoming attractions to their SYNC technology that promotes a safer alternative to texting while driving.

New MyFord Touch equipped cars will let drivers block incoming calls and texts with a “Do Not Disturb” button, but the biggest addition is support for a new protocol that will allow SYNC to read aloud incoming text messages over Bluetooth.

Future BlackBerry owners will be the first to experience this new RIM technology. RIP is working with Ford to make audible text messaging via SYNC possible. RIM has agreed to implement the new Bluetooth standard MAP (Message Access Profile) on new BlackBerry. BlackBerry MAP integration will create an enhanced connection between the smartphone and the SYNC system so that it can read aloud incoming text messages.

Ford’s Bluetooth MAP system means that other mobile device manufacturers can implement the MAP technology to take advantage of the audible text messaging functionality of SYNC. Ford hopes that the hands-free bonuses will encourage other manufactures to adopt the standard as well and make the roads safer.