Verizon iPad 4G LTE vs iPhone 3G Speed Test


We all know that 4G is fast, but how fast is it? I bought the Verizon 4G LTE iPad and decided to put it through its paces versus a 3G connection. Using the application on both the iPad and iPhone both hitting the same server at almost the exact same time, we compare how fast you can download and upload on the iPad versus the iPhone.

I was very impressed on how well the Verizon iPad 4G LTE performed when downloading data. Compared against the 3G iPhone the iPad was constantly between 20x and 35x faster than the 3G iPhone.

It was an impressive site to see the iPad downloading at 35Mbps while the iPhone only averaged between 1Mbps and 2Mbps. If you’re looking for amazingly fast speeds for your mobile device on the go, check out the new iPad with 4G LTE.

Remember, if you want to tether your device to your computer or other wireless device you’re going to have to go for the Verizon version because currently the AT&T iPad does not support tethering yet.