26% Of AT&T iPhone Customers Planning To Switch To Verizon

A recent survey done by ChangeWave Research indicates that more than one-in-four, about 26% to be exact, will switch to the new iPhone 4 within 90 days of Verizon releasing the phone later this month.

During the survey, ChangeWave Research also interviewed people from other wireless networks, 15% of T-Mobile and 10% of Sprint said they had plans on switching wireless providers in the next six months. Almost unanimously, AT&T users complained that there wireless coverage was poor or dropped calls, and was thus the reason for there explanation on switching. Since the introduction of the iPhone on AT&T users have not stopped complaining about customer service and coverage problems in their area.

The data also suggests that within the first year of the iPhone’s Verizon launch another 31% of AT&T customers will be switching carriers to the new Verizon iPhone.

AT&T though has one tiny bright spot to be somewhat proud of, their dropped calls reduced from 6% to 4.7%, which is a pretty significant drop, compared to Verizon’s 1.7% of dropped calls. The findings suggest AT&T is now taking concrete steps to try to improve long-standing service issues. It is not doubt that the Verizon iPhone is causing a major shift in the wireless industry, and for the moment all that momentum clearly favors Verizon.

Since the AT&T iPhone launch, all networks fell in shame of AT&T’s shadow, until now. With the upcoming sale of the iPhone 4 on Verizon the wireless revolution may be at a change for the better, we are already seeing predictions from a CDMA iPad to be coming soon as well. This is also wonderful news for any customer of AT&T because more people switching means less traffic on the network and the phone lines will open up and hopefully not drop anymore calls.

Only time can tell now what happens to the Verizon iPhone.