Android App Store Verizon Style

If you’re a Verizon Wireless user who happens to own an Android phone then you may notice some changes to your app store. In the Android app store you will now notice a dedicated section in the tabs called, V CAST Apps.

There have been many speculations that this new app store is going to turn into its own branded store to compete with the Android Market Place. Unlike the “open” Android Market, this new service will be much like Apple’s app standards and each app will be reviewed and put under the microscope before it is approved.

As of now all Android 2.2 phones will see this new app store within the Android Market. Browsing through the app store we can see that currently all the apps in the store and their top rated apps. Some of their most premium apps also made it here as well including NFL Mobile, Pac-Man, Foursquare, and MTV News as well as a couple of other high quality apps that are the money makers for Verizon.

As of now the Verizon apps use Google Checkout to buy or subscribe the apps. But we’ve heard many rumors that Google is working closely with Paypal to create a universal payment system.

As good as Android devices are they still need to expand in the world of apps, and this will be another big push to get more apps in the store and get a little bit closer to competing closely with Apple’s App Store. V CAST Apps could be that big push Android needs to get to the level of success that Apple has had with its products.