Boy Loves Girl for iPhone [REVIEW]


Boy Loves Girl is one of those games that’s difficult to compare to anything else out there. While the basic controls and obstacles are similar to that of a million different 2D flying games out there, the wit and story is something entirely unique.

Essentially, you’re chasing a girl through a field while pulling the moon tied to a string. If the moon comes in contact with a cloud or gets struck by lightning, you lose. It’s your job to keep the moon out of through as you race through a field chasing girls, gazelles, and other things.

The game itself is somewhat fun, though I found a lot of the dialogue to be strange. It’s almost as if the game was developed by someone with no real grasp of the English language. The game itself gets old after a few hours, though I’d say that it could be a ton of fun for more casual players looking for a silly love theme set to a remarkably easy game.