Facebook Launches Mobile Site With No Data Fees

Facebook has just announced a new mobile version of Facebook that costs nothing to the user, to expand international coverage of Facebook.

The new site, 0.Facebook.com, is going to be available in 45 countries through over 50 mobile and wireless networks. Overall it’s a very basic version of Facebook with some of the features that m.Facebook.com has, including status updates, a newsfeed, Likes, wall posts and comments.

The best thing about this new mobile site is that using it is free, regardless of what your data plan is. Facebook teamed up with its partners to make 0.facebook.com a totally free experienc. Operators such as T-Mobile, Digicel, Vodafone, and MTN are all on board and supporting the new Facebook site and plan.

0.Facebook.com is only available to people on networks and countries that support it. But you won’t find the U.S., the UK, Japan, China, Germany or any other nations with strong wireless data networks. The new mobile site is built for nations where wireless data is far more expensive to acquire.