Google+ For iPad [REVIEW]

Google+ For iPad [REVIEW]

A couple weeks after Google I/O, Apple iPad owners now have access to Google+ for the iPad with a slick optimized interface that is made for a large tablet screen. The optimization for tablets has been the number one request from everyone with iPads since the app was released. It took Google almost a year to finally release a version and it was well worth the wait.

The first big feature that you’ll notice off the bat is the post like interface that will show, depending on the content, one big square or four smaller ones. When scrolling through the interface you’ll see posts with pictures much larger than those with text and a link. Within the interface it’s easy to +1 and comment on any of the posts that you want to. There’s only one complaint so far when scrolling through the app, if you scroll fast the interface will lag slightly while it pulls the information from Google+ to display to you. It still gets it pretty fast so there’s no huge complaint.

The menu system is nicely laid out and one huge feature that I personally am happy for is a dedicated hangouts button that helps you find and join hangouts a lot better than scrolling through your newsfeed to fine a hangout to join on the mobile platform. Along with that the menu system also integrates all of your notifications for a simple seamless way to look at all of your notifications coming into your feed.

One of the best parts is hangouts. When joining a hangout you now have a full screen interface that gives you preview videos of everyone that actually move with their streaming video. When you are about to join a hangout you have a chance to +1 and comment on the hangout before entering which is very nice to see.

Overall this update from Google is great to see with more users using mobile devices today that companies are supporting not only phones but tablets too.