Multitasking For iPhone 4.0


Probably one of the major hindrances for the iPhone is multitasking. Well not anymore, Apple plans to release in the 4.0 update of the iPhone adding multitasking. With the iPad pre-orders starting tomorrow the news has been shifted off the, I want an iPad craze, to what is coming for iPhone 4.0. Steve Jobs has been known to leave out features of a product that do not meet his high standards and multitasking was one of them. But 4.0 could be what all us iPhone owners want. Apple Insider hinted today that the 4.0 update will have multitasking with a couple other key features that the iPhone enthusiast will love. With these ups there are always downs, such as:

  • Draining the Battery: Multitasking will take up more power and essentially shorten the iPhone battery life.
  • Switching Apps: Switching apps might be awkward
  • Freezing, Crashing: Going back to what I said more apps, more memory usage, slower apps will run until the finally crash