New FCC Ruling Ends Cellphone Bill Shock

New FCC Ruling Ends Cellphone Bill Shock

New FCC ruling ends cellphone bill clash, this could make it harder for cellphone companies to over charge you. This new rule requires cellular providers to send customers notifications when their monthly cap has been reached or they are roaming when overseas.

This is a huge relief to those power users who constantly hit their cap, the new rules require that the companies send you notifications before and after hitting their voice, text and data caps. With that, when overseas the companies will have to send notifications that they are roaming when there.

The Wireless Consumer Usage Notification Guidelines will affect 97% of U.S. mobile users and will become apart of the FCC’s Consumer Code for Wireless Service. Users all around will be thankful for these new rules to avoid extra charges and getting a heat attack when they are presented with the bill after an overseas trip or high usage month.

Far too many Americans know what it’s like to open up their cellphone bill and be shocked by hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unexpected fees and charges,” says President Barack Obama, who supports the legislation. “But we can put an end to that with a simple step: An alert warning consumers that they’re about to hit their limit before fees and charges add up.

These messages are free notifications that will alert you by voice or text message to your phone. Cellular providers must offer two of the four provided notifications – overseas, text, voice, data – and must do so by October 17, 2012. After that about a year later they must offer all four options by April 17, 2013.

I know that a power user like me and others alike will love these notifications, how about you?