Verizon To Kill Off Unlimited Data Tomorrow

Verizon To Kill Off Unlimited Data Tomorrow

It’s no surprise that Verizon Wireless was going to drop unlimited data packages, but no one can be ready for it. Verizon’s new tiered data plans are due out tomorrow. Many users hoped that “Unlimited” would be apart of the tired plans, but sadly it isn’t.

Through the end of store closing today, you can grab up the last of the unlimited plans for $30/month for smartphones. However, starting tomorrow, that same $30 will only buy you 2GB of data per month.

A Verizon spokesperson told The Boston Globe today:

After tomorrow, Verizon Wireless will allow new customers to send and receive a limit of 2 gigabytes of data per month for $30 – enough to send 1,000 e-mails, view 100 Web pages, listen to more than 20 hours of streaming music, upload more than 20 photographs, and view over two hours of high-definition video.

So is 2GB of data enough for the average user?

An average business user sends and receives about 125 emails per day. If you work a five day week for the month that is about 20 day at any normal job. That equates to 2500 per month of email sends, half way through the month you will destroy your cap.

Likewise, everyone’s viewing habits are different, and the size of web pages differ from website to website so you can see how it is difficult to measure.

As an important note, if you’re an existing Verizon customer with unlimited data, you won’t have to switch plans until your existing contract expires. After which, you will be downgraded to the 2GB plan.

The only one who seems to be left is Sprint, who offers unlimited data plans on 4G markets. Although, you’re throttled after 5GB on 3G service, but 4G/WiMax is truly unlimited with no caps or throttling.